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Practical Time Second
C. Gilles-Brown
The exercises in Practical Time are useful for adults who have a brain injury, aphasia, or dementia and for adolescents who have language-learning difficulties. Among the various skills involved are ... (read more)
Humour for Healing Guide Second
Diane Bowtell
Humor is an act of creativity, a new way of thinking about things that adds to our quality of life. This guide provides clinicians and clients with a positive, healthy ... (read more)
Ergonomics in Health Care and Rehabilitation Second
Valerie Rice
Ergonomics is the science of designing work and living environments to enhance human performance. This book introduces ergonomic concepts and terminology and offers practical information on how to apply them ... (read more)
Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, 2nd Edition Second
Bruce Becker and Andrew Cole
This multidisciplinary reference reviews the biologic, medical, and rehabilitative research that underlies aquatic therapy and applies these scientific findings to current evaluation and treatment techniques for a broad range of ... (read more)
Finding the Path: Ethics in Action Second
The purpose of Finding The Path: Ethics In Action is to promote the highest level of professional conduct and practice. To this end, this guidebook intends to:   ... (read more)
Behavioral Observation: Technology and Applications in Developmental Disabilities Second
Practitioners, students and researchers in the fields of developmental and behavioral disabilities will learn how to make technology work for them in this exciting, one-of-a-kind book. For example, a professional ... (read more)
SEALS III: Self-Esteem and Life Skills Volume Three Second
SEALS III is adapted from the books Life Management Skills V and VI. SEALS III is for youth, aged 12-18, with age-appropriate language, graphics, and illustrations. 80+ activity-based handouts. Topics ... (read more)
Teen Relationship Workbook: For Professionals Helping Teens Develop Healthy Relationships and Prevent Domestic Violence Second
Kerry Moles
Here is a tool for professionals to help adolescents develop healthy intimate relationships and prevent dating abuse and domestic violence. It is appropriate for males and females, ages 12 to ... (read more)
100 Interactive Activities for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Second
Carol Butler
Energize, empower, and educate your group participants, ages 8-80, with these 100 interactive activities. Designed for clients dealing with mental health and/or substance abuse recovery issues, treatment components common to ... (read more)
Games (& Other Stuff) for Group, Book 1, Second Edition Second
Chris Cavert and Friends
The first of three books providing you with activity-based games to teach new skills and behaviors. This book includes 32 activities that take 15 minutes or less, focusing on expressing ... (read more)

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