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Games (& Other Stuff) for Group, Book 1, Second Edition Second
Chris Cavert and Friends
The first of three books providing you with activity-based games to teach new skills and behaviors. This book includes 32 activities that take 15 minutes or less, focusing on expressing ... (read more)
Games (& Other Stuff) for Group, Book 2 Second
Chris Cavert and Friends
This book contains over 25 quick activities (5-10 minutes each) that help teach everyday skills including communication, problem solving, interaction, teamwork, diversity, and so much more! In addition to the ... (read more)
Art Activities for Groups: Providing Therapy, Fun, and Function
Art Activities for Groups: Providing Therapy, Fun, and Function provides therapists and activity professionals with 48 interesting and innovative art activities for populations with different cognitive levels and physical abilities. ... (read more)
Idyll Arbor's Therapy Dictionary
Idyll Arbor
This award-winning dictionary is a must for therapists! It provides clear, useful definitions for thousands of terms that therapists in today's health care environment must understand to be effective members ... (read more)
Aquatic Therapy: Interventions and Applications
Luis G. Vargas
Internationally acclaimed therapist and instructor, Luis Vargas, describes his treatment methodology, the Diagnostic Aquatics Systems Integration (DASI), from assessment through treatment. The first section describes the procedures he ... (read more)
Art as Therapy: Inspiration, Innovation, and Ideas
Fausek-Steinbach has put together another book of innovative, easy-to-use art activities that provide insight into one's self and other people. The ideas include creative collages, painting and drawing, ... (read more)
Strategies for Anger Management Second
Kerry Moles
This book is a tool for educators and health care professionals to help teens and adults learn how to cope with anger in healthier ways. Chock-full of reproducible worksheets, this ... (read more)
SEALS IV: Self-Esteem and Life Skills, 4th in a Series Second
SEALS IV is adapted from the books Life Management Skills VII and VIII. SEALS IV is for youth, aged 12-18, with age-appropriate language, graphics, and illustrations. 80+ activity-based handouts. Topics ... (read more)
Life Skills Practice Second
Ellen McPeek Glisan
192 activities to teach everyday life skills divided into eight categories:   1. Being an Employee 2. Doing Your Banking 3. Getting Along with Others ... (read more)
Video Games & Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control
Video Games & Your Kids is for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the authors' clinical ... (read more)

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