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Leisurescope Plus Instrument -- Teen Slides
Connie Nall Schenk, PhD
The Leisurescope Plus testing kit helps the therapist quickly identify: 1. Areas of high interest 2. Emotional motivation for participation 3. A patient's need for high arousal experiences. Because ... (read more)
Measurement of Social Empowerment and Trust (SET)
Jeff Witman
The SET measures changes in a client's social attitudes and skills as a result of involvement in a treatment program. Measurements are obtained in five areas: Bonding/Cohesion, Empowerment, Self-Awareness, Affirmations, ... (read more)
The Cooperation and Trust Scale (CAT)
Jeff Witman
Cooperation and trust are the basis for all social skills. This assessment was developed for adults and adolescents with chemical dependencies to measure levels of cooperation and trust and the ... (read more)
Idyll Arbor Leisure Battery
Leisure assessments with solid reliability and validity that are quick and easy to use. The Idyll Arbor Leisure Battery (IA LB) provides the therapist with a broad, accurate measure of ... (read more)
Leisure Satisfaction Measure
The Leisure Satisfaction Measure indicates the degree to which an individual feels his/her general "needs" are being satisfied through leisure. The six subscales of satisfaction are 1) psychological, 2) educational, 3) social, 4) relaxation, ... (read more)
Leisure Interest Measure
The Leisure Interest Measurement helps identify the degree to which an individual is interested in each of the eight domains of leisure activities: 1) physical, 2) outdoor, 3) mechanical, 4) artistic, 5) service, 6) social, 7) cultural, ... (read more)
Leisure Attitude Measurement
The Leisure Attitude Measurement measures the individual's attitude toward leisure on three different levels: 1) cognitive, 2) affective, and 3) behavioral. It can be used to find areas that are preventing the individual ... (read more)
Leisure Motivation Scale
The Leisure Motivation Scale measures an individual's motivation for participating in leisure activities. The four primary motivators identified by research are 1) intellectual (the extent to which the individual is motivated ... (read more)
STILAP 1990 (State Technical Institute's Leisure Assessment Process)
Nancy Navar
The STILAP 1990 is a leisure interest tool that 1) measures the client's indicated interest in various activities, 2) indicates areas that the client is interested in learning more about, and 3) provides ... (read more)
School Social Behavior Scales 2nd Ed - Reporting Forms only Second
Kenneth W. Merrell
The SSBS is a behavior rating scale designed specifically for use by professionals working with youth. It provides an integrated rating of both social skills and antisocial behaviors through ratings ... (read more)

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