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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: From F.I.N.E. (Frustrated, Irritated, Nauseated, Exhausted) to Feeling Better
Nancy Fowler and Lisa Ball
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are like thieves, stealing from their victims. They take lives and leave people who have the diseases in pain and totally drained. People are affected physically, ... (read more)
Diet Myths BUSTED: Food Facts, Not Nutrition Fiction
Ann A. Rosenstein
Every day we are bombarded with so much information and misinformation about our diets that we don't know what to think. More and more "quick fixes" are introduced, often contradicting ... (read more)
Living Through Personal Crisis
Ann Kaiser Stearns
This book is about the small and large losses that happen to people, experiences that plunge them into a state of adjustment. It's for those moving through the mourning process ... (read more)
When Food is Family: A Loving Approach to Heal Eating Disorders
Judy Scheel
This is the first book to illustrate how the eating disorder is used as a metaphoric voice -- sometimes the only voice available to a person with an eating disorder ... (read more)
Mind on the Run: A Bipolar Chronicle
Dottie Pacharis
Mind on the Run chronicles a family tragedy -- the life and death of Scott C. Baker. It's a story of a family's efforts to help Scott through five major, ... (read more)
The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness
William J. Matta
Everyone wants to embrace happiness and their dreams, and could, if they only knew how. For most people, achieving a state of well being involves change. Too often, people ... (read more)
Expressive Writing: Words that Heal
Write about what keeps you awake at night. Expressive Writing will help you overcome traumas and emotional upheavals, resolve issues, improve health, and build resilience. Based on nearly 30 ... (read more)
David Pargman
No matter how much we age, the challenges we face daily never stop. Some are exciting and invigorating, others are scary and overwhelming. Some are easy to resolve and some ... (read more)
Faces of Recovery: Treatments that Help PTSD, TBI, and Moral Injury
Eric Newhouse
Faces of Recovery continues the report on how millions of American soldiers have faced the ultimate dilemma: kill the enemy or risk being killed yourself. As documented in Eric Newhouse's ... (read more)

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