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Emotional Recovery After Natural Disaster: How to Get Back to Normal Life
Ilana Singer
When we published this book, we had no idea that anything as devastating and widespread as the 9/11 tragedy could ever happen in America except through some natural disaster like ... (read more)
Female Sex Offenders: What Therapists, Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services Need to Know
Julia Hislop
Each year, hundreds of thousands of youth are not protected, not believed, and not treated for trauma associated with abuse from female sex offenders. Through her detailed analysis of the ... (read more)
Idyll Arbor's Therapy Dictionary
Idyll Arbor
This award-winning dictionary is a must for therapists! It provides clear, useful definitions for thousands of terms that therapists in today's health care environment must understand to be effective members ... (read more)
Sex and Love Addiction: My Journey from Shame to Grace
Jay Parker
The book is a compelling read for the millions of men and women who are caught up in addictions to sex and love, whether on line or in real life. ... (read more)
The Safe Approach: Controlling Risk for Workers in the Helping Professions
Violence against those who provide in-home care continues to be a risk for therapists, nurses, and social workers who visit their clients in the client's home. Ennis and Douglas use ... (read more)
Outwitting your Alcoholic: Keep the Loving and Stop the Drinking, Revised Edition
Kenneth A. Lucas
Outwitting your Alcoholic provides you with information to help you stay with your alcoholic and move him or her into recovery. It's not easy, but it can often be done. ... (read more)
Things That Work: A No-Nonsense Guide to Recovery by One Who Knows
Barry Bocchieri
From the Introduction: This book is for the alcoholic who is beginning to come to terms with his problem. It contains no generalities behind which you can hide, no ... (read more)
Alcohol: Cradle to Grave
Eric Newhouse
Eric Newhouse, winner of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for the newspaper columns reprinted in this book, is a veteran newspaper reporter. As such, he's seen what he refers to as ... (read more)
Reflections along the Way
Barry Bocchieri
Bocchieri is an expert in the field of substance abuse and addiction. In this book he uses his unique ability of explaining complex psychological, philosophical, and spiritual concepts in clear, ... (read more)
Video Games & Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control
Video Games & Your Kids is for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the authors' clinical ... (read more)

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