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Free Time Boredom Measure
Mounir G. Ragheb, Scott P. Merydith, and joan burlingame
Manual and 25 Score Sheets
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1995
ISBN: 1-882883-19-5

Boredom can lead to poor choices about activities. These choices can impede treatment or decrease an individual's health. This testing tool helps the therapist pinpoint the aspect of leisure and free time commitments that are causing the individual the greatest difficulty. No longer will the therapist need to take a "shotgun" approach to addressing the individual's boredom. The Free Time Boredom Measure (FTB) will identify which sub-components of boredom need addressing: 1) physical involvement, 2) mental involvement, 3) meaningfulness, and 4) speed of time. Factor analysis and internal consistency reliability were obtained for four components: meaninglessness (.91), mental involvement (.85), speed of time (.78) and physical involvement (.80), total long scale (.92).

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