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Vitality Through Leisure Assessment
Mounir G. Ragheb
Manual and 25 Score Sheets
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2005

Vitality Through Leisure (VTL) is the capacity to function and develop through involvement in leisure endeavors. In this assessment, leisure is viewed as freely chosen pursuits and activities that include, for example, music, arts, outdoor recreation, social activities, physical exercise and sports, and cultural activities. There are no limits on the leisure activities that can generate VTL. The question is, how much vitality are your clients experiencing? This assessment answers that question by measuring how fully your clients experience Vitality Through Leisure.

Recreation, exercise, and leisure have been recognized in this assessment not only as generators and conveyors of power, energy, renovation, and relaxation, but also as controllers of negative effects such as stress, inertia, and fatigue. Leisure increases vitality and reduces negative aspects by strengthening the immune system. These beneficial effects make leisure and recreation some of the most favorable contributors for generating and maintaining personal vitality.

The Vitality Through Leisure Assessment determine how much vitality a person gets from leisure in each of these components:

1. Broaden-and-Build

2. Physical Condition

3. Relaxation and Stress Control

4. Optimal Arousal

5. Personal Betterment and Restoration

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