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Bus Utilization Skills Assessment
joan burlingame
Manual and 25 Score Sheets
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1989

Clients need to have many different types of skills to be able to use public transportation. The four-page assessment measures the breadth and depth of client's skills using public transportation. It includes information on social ability required by transportation authorities. Useful for patients with psych diagnoses, TBIs, or MR/DD. Areas measured include appearance (4 items), getting ready (7 items), waiting for the bus (4 items), interactions with strangers (4 items), pedestrian safety (4 items), riding conduct (12 items), and transfers (4 items) The assessment also contains a scale to measure potential maladaptive behaviors including 1) Anxiety, 2) Depression, 3) Hostility, 4) Suspiciousness, 5) Unusual Thought Content, 6) Grandiosity, 7) Hallucinations, 8) Disorientation, 9) Excitement, 10) Blunt Affect, 11) Mannerisms and Posturing, and 12) Bizarre Behavior. Initial validity completed.

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