Leisurescope Plus Instrument -- Teen Powerpoint Disk
Connie Nall Schenk, PhD
Test Manual and Teen Powerpoint Disk
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1998

The Leisurescope Plus testing kit helps the therapist quickly identify:
1. Areas of high interest
2. Emotional motivation for participation
3. A patient's need for high arousal experiences.

Because results are instantly revealed as the individual scores his/her preferences, insight and renewed awareness are concurrent with the experience. Information guiding appropriate intervention is also instantly available making it easier to design and implement appropriate programs for individuals. The Leisurescope Plus is a quick test to administer, with 45 visual comparisons made by the patient. Results are categorized into ten leisure categories (games, sports, nature, collection, crafts, art & music, entertainment, helping others/volunteerism, social affiliation, and adventure) along with the emotional motivations for participation in activities. The testing tool also allows the therapist to determine the patient's desire for and need to take risks. If the patient scores "high" in the need to take risks, the therapist can then direct the patient to activities that help control the risk.

This testing tool works well with teen patients with moderate to no cognitive impairment. Fluency in the English language is not required for this testing tool. However, it is recommended that the therapist use an interpreter during the administration of the test if the patient does not speak or understand English fluently.

Each instrument contains the following materials:
* PowerPoint CD for individual or group administration.
* One testing instrument.
* One instruction manual.
* Reproducible score sheets.

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