Leisure Satisfaction Measure
Mounir G. Ragheb, Jacob G. Beard
Manual and 25 Score Sheets
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1991

The Leisure Satisfaction Measure indicates the degree to which an individual feels his/her general "needs" are being satisfied through leisure. The six subscales of satisfaction are 1) psychological, 2) educational, 3) social, 4) relaxation, 5) physiological, and 6) aesthetic. It is useful for establishing that an individual's needs for leisure are being met by the existing programs and for finding areas where interventions may increase the individual's level of satisfaction with leisure. The alpha reliability coefficient for the entire scale is high, .96, and ranged from .85 to .92 for the six components. Correlation among the subscales was determined by summing the scores of the items of each subscale for each of the subjects (N=347) and computing the intercorrelations among the subscales. These correlations ranged from .38 to .66 with a median value of .52. Subscale of Idyll Arbor Leisure Battery. Also available in Spanish.

Reliability and validity information is available in Beard, J. G., and Ragheb, M. G. (1980). Measuring leisure satisfaction. Journal of Leisure Research, 12, 20-33.

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