Leisure Interest Measure
Mounir G. Ragheb, Jacob G. Beard
Manual and 25 Score Sheets
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1991

The Leisure Interest Measurement helps identify the degree to which an individual is interested in each of the eight domains of leisure activities: 1) physical, 2) outdoor, 3) mechanical, 4) artistic, 5) service, 6) social, 7) cultural, and 8) reading. It can be used to make sure that the individual has activities available that are interesting to him/her and to point out areas where the therapist can provide education to make more domains of activity interesting. The alpha internal consistency reliability coefficient for the set of 29 items was .87. This degree of certainty would allow the therapist confidence that the assessment is able to indicate the individual's intensity and breadth of leisure interests. Subscale of Idyll Arbor Leisure Battery. Also available in Spanish.

Reliability and validity information is available in Ragheb, M. G., and Beard, J. G. (1992). Measuring leisure interests. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 10, 1-13.

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