School Social Behavior Scales 2nd Ed - Reporting Forms only Second
Kenneth W. Merrell
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25 Score Sheets
Published by Paul H. Brookes Publishing, Co.
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 9781557669902

The SSBS is a behavior rating scale designed specifically for use by professionals working with youth. It provides an integrated rating of both social skills and antisocial behaviors through ratings of 65 items on two separate scales. The Social Competence scale includes 32 items that measure adaptive, prosocial skills and includes three subscales (Interpersonal Skills, Self-Management Skills and Academic Skills). The Antisocial Behavior scale includes 33 items that measure socially linked problem behaviors and also includes three subscales (Hostile-Irritable, Antisocial-Aggressive and Disruptive-Demanding). Internal Consistency Reliability was .96. Test-Retest was significant at the p <.001 levels Content Validity using item-total correlations for Scale A ranged from .62 to .82 and the item total correlations for Scale B ranged from .58 to .86. Criterion-related Validity compared to the Waksman Social Skills Rating Scale was significant at the p <.001 levels Additional validity and reliability data, including the norm-referenced scores, are available in the manual. Suitable for ages 5-18.

Only score sheets are included in this product. The manual (product A153) is required to give the assessment.

The Home and Community Social Behavior Scales can be used for evaluating skills in the home and community.

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