Therapeutic Recreation Activity Assessment
Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, EdD, CTRS
Materials, Video, License to Copy
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1993
ISBN: 1-882883-15-2

This assessment has an unusual and very much needed strength: it is allows the therapist to conduct a sophisticated assessment on up to four patients in about 30 minutes. Therapists have looked for decades for a valid and reliable tool that takes little time compared to the quality of information it provides. The TRAA measures fine motor, gross motor, social behaviors, expressive communication, receptive communication, and cognitive skills. Another unique aspect is that it allows the therapist to measure how the patient's performance is impacted by his/her peers, and to what degree s/he can learn from or lead those around him/her.


To meet accrediting agencies requirements for assessment of:
* leisure, social, and recreational abilities
* interests
* life experiences
* capabilities
* barriers
* needs
* deficiencies


* geriatric
* gero-psychiatric
* traumatic brain injury
* adult psychiatric
* legal offender


Abilities Measured:
* Fine motor skills
* Gross motor skills
* Expressive communication
* Social behaviors
* Receptive communication
* Cognitive skills


Reliability and Validity:
Content validity established by an expert panel review in the populations and in assessment measures. Interrater reliability 93% for adult psychiatric patients, 92% for gero-psychiatric patients, 92% for legal offenders.


The TRAA uses an interview to elicit information about the patient followed by three activities (a board matching game, exercises and an arts and crafts project) designed to assess a patient's functional abilities. The assessment is administered in groups of 1 to 4. The time required for each group is approximately 30 minutes.


The TRAA Kit includes the supplies for 100 patients: game board, manual, assessment form, arts and crafts project, floor basketball and hoop, and an instructional DVD. A single-site license to make copies of the TRAA score sheet comes with the testing tool.

Further Information:

An article about using the card game is available in the Activity Professional Journal.

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