Measurable Assessment in Recreation for Resident-Centered Care 2 (CD-ROM)
Sienna Caspar
CD ROM and Manual
Published by Sienna's Mark LLC
Publication date: 2004

The MARRCC is a standardized and computerized assessment developed specifically for recreation professionals working in LTC settings. The MARRCC package consists of four sections: We currently ship US customers a version modified for MDS 3.0. Customers outside the US receive a version that is compatible with Canadian standards of practice.

1. The Intake Assessment, which enables recreation professionals to measure a resident's functioning level in four domains as they relate to recreation.

2. The Care Plan Section, which assists recreation professionals in consistently writing care plan goals that are measurable, related to the problem, and resident-centered.

3. The Progress Note Section, which assists recreation professionals in evaluating the resident's progress towards the achievement of the care plan goals as well as the effectiveness of the individualized care plan developed for the resident.

4. The Annual/Change of Condition/Re-admit Assessment, which enables recreation professionals to track and monitor changes in a resident's functioning levels and individual needs, and adjust the recreation program designed to meet those needs.

What is Included in the MARRCC software version?

1. Intuitive software program to load onto your computer

2. Detailed Manuals for:

* Software installation and navigation
* Initial Assessment
* Care Plan Section
* Quarterly Progress Note Section
* Annual/Change of Condition/Re-admit Assessment

3, Multiple search features to assist recreation professional in the development of reports for quality assurance, increased safety precautions, and program evaluation. All searches provide a list of resident names and room numbers. Search features include:

* Functional level (High, Moderate, and Low) for each domain (Cognitive, Social, Physical, Emotional).
* Do Not Resuscitate Orders
* Resident Birthdays
* Gender
* Choking Potential
* Physicians Approval for Alcohol
* Direct Supervision Required When Outside of Facility
* Wandering and/or Elopement Risk
* Active Participation
* Passive Participation
* Refusal to Participate
* Increase in Participation Levels
* Decrease in Participation Levels
* Participation in Independent Leisure Pursuits
* Receive Pastoral Visits
* Receive 1:1 Intervention From Recreation Staff
* Require Specialized Programming to Meet Unique Needs Due to the Demonstration of Disturbing Behaviors
* Pacing and Restlessness
* Groupings by Activity Preference for over 50 activities and leisure pursuits
* Percent number of goals in which expected goal attainment was met or exceeded
* Percent number of goals in which goal attainment was less than expected

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