Life Management Skills VI Second
Kathy L. Korb-Khalsa and Estelle A. Leutenberg
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Spiral Bound, 50+ Reproducible Activities
Published by The Guidance Group
Publication date: 2000
ISBN: 9781-893277-01-4

Life Management Skills books originated from an ongoing practical need observed in mental health settings. These handouts can be used in treatment as a launching pad for activities, an organizational tool, a visual aid, a tangible reminder of information presented, and as a method for building rapport.

Life Management Skills handouts are adaptable and have a broad usage enabling therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers, psychologists, counselors and other professionals to focus on specific goals with their specified populations. They are designed for specific well-defined purposes, and activity-based, allowing for extensive client involvement. The graphic representations are intentionally different from handout to handout in typestyle, art and design to increase visual appeal, provide variety and clarify meaning. The purchaser of the book can make unlimited copies of the handouts for use by clients.

Volume VI has 50 reproducible activity handouts covering: anxiety/fear, expressive therapy, goal setting, healthy living, independent living skills, interpersonal skills, leisure, personal responsibility, positive outlook, recovery, relationships, self-esteem, spirituality, stress management and therapeutic treatment.

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