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Community Integration Program
Missy Armstrong and Sara Lauzen
Trade Paper, Reproducible Forms, 321 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1994
ISBN: 9781882883097

The Community Integration Program (CIP) contains a set of testing tools and treatment activities for getting your patients back into the community. The program was originally developed for the Rehab Program at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, and then broadened in scope to include other patient populations including psych, burn, adolescent, neuro, and MR/DD. There are over 20 modules to make sure that your patient understands community safety, emergency preparedness, how to see cultural events, how to shop or go to a restaurant, how to travel (inside the city, across the nation, and outside the country), and much more. Forms for running the programs are included, and you can copy them for your therapy programs. The forms include initial screening, pretest, field trial, posttest, and chart notes. Also included are Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility forms relevant to recreation activities, information on safe transportation, information about the federal standards for air travel for people with disabilities, and stories about therapy that worked and therapy that didn't.

The price includes a single site license so you can make copies of the forms for patients being treated at your facility.

Treatment protocol modules included in the CIP:

Community Environment
* Environmental Safety
* Emergency Preparedness
* Basic Survival Skills

Physical Activity
* Aquatics
* Wheelchair Sports
* Leisure Activities

Community Activities
* Shopping Mall
* Grocery Store
* Downtown
* Bank
* Laundromat

* Personal Travel
* Taxi/Taxi Vans
* Train
* Air Travel
* City Bus
* Bus Station

Cultural Activities
* Theater
* Restaurant
* Library
* Sporting Events

Independent Plan
* Independent Patient Plan

Chapters: Introduction, Overview, Why It Works, Program Management, Clinical Information, Equipment and Supplies, Related Forms, Community Environment, Cultural Activities, Community Activities, Transportation, Physical Activity, Independent Plan, Americans with Disabilities Act Fact Sheet, ADA Accessibility Guidelines Checklist for Buildings and Facilities, Transportation Safety, and Air Travel.

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