Practical Time Second
C. Gilles-Brown
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Spiral Bound, Reproducible Forms, 207 pages
Published by Pro-Ed
Publication date: 1993
ISBN: 1-883315-03-4

The exercises in Practical Time are useful for adults who have a brain injury, aphasia, or dementia and for adolescents who have language-learning difficulties. Among the various skills involved are activities of daily living, organization, sequencing, memory, judgment, and problem solving. You will find the time organization exercises especially helpful for patients with head injuries. Individuals in this group often forget appointments as well as activities they completed the previous day. Each chapter explores a particular concept, from telling time to scheduling the preparation of dinner challenging even for some experienced cooks. You may pick and choose among the chapters to suit the needs of your client group. When you purchase this book you get permission to make copies of all the activity handouts for use with your patients.

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