Humour for Healing Guide Second
Diane Bowtell
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Spiral Bound, Reproducible Worksheets, 110 pages
Published by Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Publication date: 1998

Humor is an act of creativity, a new way of thinking about things that adds to our quality of life. This guide provides clinicians and clients with a positive, healthy approach to promote lifestyle adjustment following a life-altering event. As an ideal approach to address complex psychosocial needs, it:

* combines information and exercise in a fun, lively format;

* is full of information on how we are custom-made for humor and why we need it;

* is indexed by topic for easy adaptation to group formats and discussion;

* is filled with wonderful, thought-provoking, life-affirming treatment; and

* has ideas and suggestions that can be incorporated into individual treatment plans or existing groups.

This manual includes activity ideas, suggestions for making groups work, and reproducible worksheets.

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