Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, 2nd Edition Second
Bruce Becker and Andrew Cole
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Hardcover, 184 pages
Published by Elsevier Science
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 0-7506-7386-9

This multidisciplinary reference reviews the biologic, medical, and rehabilitative research that underlies aquatic therapy and applies these scientific findings to current evaluation and treatment techniques for a broad range of problems and disorders. Contributors from physiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine take a practical, evidence-based approach to therapy, discussing the effects of the aquatic environment on human physiology, as well as goal setting and functional outcomes. They also address related issues such as facility design, management and staffing to senior wellness programs and associated legal considerations. The completely revised and updated 2nd Edition features new chapters on wound management, pediatric aquatic therapy, and the use of aquatic therapy for common orthopedic problems.

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