Therapy Techniques Using the Creative Arts
Ann Arge' Nathan and Suzanne Mirviss
Trade Paper, 280 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 9781882883301

The creative arts are a powerful tool for therapists who want to provide effective therapy experiences for their clients. The magic of the arts touches the spirit and promotes a level of communication that is different from everyday life. The person running these groups must play many roles: facilitator, teacher, artist, and therapist. It is a journey of discovery and wonder.

In this book, which is both practical and imaginative, Ann Nathan and Suzanne Mirviss explain how to use the creative arts in therapy programs. The first part of the book explores the elements of creativity, the roles of the therapist, how to involve each person in the group, and how to set up effective groups. You will learn why the creative arts are an important element in therapy, what it means to be creative, what enhances creativity and what hinders it, how creative arts groups interact to promote discovery of self and others, and how to run effective groups from the initial planning to closure for a group that is ending.

The second part of the book describes the creative arts, giving you specific information about visual and tactile arts, drama therapy, theater games and improvisation, clowning, music, dance/movement, movement exploration, meditation, and creative visualization. Along with the descriptions, there are over 240 activity ideas for you to use.

This is a remarkably useful and practical introduction to the creative arts.

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