Perspectives in Recreational Therapy: Issues of a Dynamic Profession
Frank Brasile, Thomas K. Skalko, and joan burlingame, Editors
Trade Paper, 550 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 9781882883264

Recreational therapy is a profession of practice -- and our practice includes more than the hands-on application of knowledge and skills. It is unrealistic to assume that we can help our patients toward a more holistic lifestyle without also understanding the environment in which we practice. This book, then, is meant to be a tool to help the therapist fit into the professional environment of his/her choice. To be able to fit into this environment, the professional must be able to understand the issues and the trends along with the implications of both. To this end the editors and authors of this book present the current issues in the rapidly changing world of health care to stimulate discussion and thoughtful dialog among both students and professionals.


The book contains content areas important to practice, including:
* Conceptual Development and History of the Field
* Standards of Practice
* Ethics
* Service Models in Recreational Therapy
* Accessibility
* Societal Attitudes
* Legislation
* Information Technologies
* Managing Quality
* Delivery and Reimbursement Systems
* Licensure, Certification and Registration
* Professional Competency
* Healthy Caring
* Research and Measuring Outcomes
* Customer Service
* Confidentiality
* and much more

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