Finding the Path: Ethics in Action Second
American Therapeutic Recreation Association
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Spiral Bound, 77 pages
Published by American Therapeutic Recreation Assoc.
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 1-889435-13-9

The purpose of Finding The Path: Ethics In Action is to promote the highest level of professional conduct and practice. To this end, this guidebook intends to:


* Increase the knowledge of the ATRA Code of Ethics and its relationship to clinical care.

* Integrate the Code of Ethics with the Standards of Practice.

* Empower the professional to make choices based on a decision-making model.

* Guide the practitioner in everyday practice dilemmas.


This guidebook is designed as a working manual for recreational therapists. It begins by stating the code of ethics adopted in 1990 by ATRA. This is followed by a decision-making model the authors have chosen to assist in working through ethical dilemmas. This is a very significant part of this guidebook; without a decision-making framework, one would be lost or inconsistent in dealing with an ethical situation. After this section is "Resolving Everyday Practice Dilemmas." The guidebook gives dilemmas specific to each principle in the code of ethics and then goes through the decision-making process. This section is followed by a discussion of several pertinent "Emerging Issues" and then concludes with "The Path for Tomorrow."

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