Behavioral Observation: Technology and Applications in Developmental Disabilities Second
Travis Thompson, David Felce and Frank J. Symons
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Trade Paper, 365 pages
Published by Paul H. Brookes Publishing, Co.
Publication date: 2000
ISBN: 1-55766-451-X

Practitioners, students and researchers in the fields of developmental and behavioral disabilities will learn how to make technology work for them in this exciting, one-of-a-kind book. For example, a professional observing a student in a classroom carries a "light pen" and a list of bar codes, each bar code indicating a specific behavior or something going on in the student's environment. Each time a student displays a behavior, the observer runs the pen over the appropriate code. The pen records those codes and stores the information for later analysis.


Advances in computer technology have revolutionized the way professionals obtain and analyze information on the behavior of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. The editors have gathered a high-profile group of contributors to discuss the latest computer equipment and software available -- such as hand-held optical bar code readers and hand-held computers -- and compiled practical, detailed strategies on how to put that equipment together in an array of applied settings. Principles of conducting observations and analyzing the resultant data are also provided in order to enable professionals to use the new observational strategies to improve their understanding of disabilities and to help devise intervention techniques to make improvements in the lives of individuals with disabilities outside the research setting.

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