Teen Relationship Workbook: For Professionals Helping Teens Develop Healthy Relationships and Prevent Domestic Violence Second
Kerry Moles
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Spiral Bound, Reproducible Forms, CD, 122 pages
Published by The Guidance Group
Publication date: 2001
ISBN: 9781893277038

Here is a tool for professionals to help adolescents develop healthy intimate relationships and prevent dating abuse and domestic violence. It is appropriate for males and females, ages 12 to 20. The workbook format is both informational and activity-based. Young people enjoy the interactive nature of worksheets and are better able to learn and retain information when they are given the opportunity to practice it. Few (if any) books offer both educational and experiential components pertaining to this subject.

The 50 activities, for use in groups and individual sessions, include: 68 reproducible worksheet pages plus 50 facilitator information sheets organized in six sections: Evaluating Your Relationships, Understanding Abuse, Social Influences, Building Healthy Relationships, and Making Good Decisions. Although this workbook is certainly appropriate as a means of general education on relationship issues, it is primarily intended as a tool for engaging victims, perpetrators, and those at risk of being either in the following tasks: 1. Identifying the healthy and unhealthy characteristics of relationships they are in, have been in, or may be in in the future; 2. Understanding the basic dynamics of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in intimate relationships; 3. Exploring and clarifying their own values, beliefs, and attitudes about gender roles and intimate relationships; and 4. Becoming empowered to make positive, healthy decisions about their own intimate relationships.

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