Female Sex Offenders: What Therapists, Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services Need to Know
Julia Hislop
Trade Paper, 245 pages
Published by Issues Press
Publication date: 2001
ISBN: 9781930461000
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9781611580112

Each year, hundreds of thousands of youth are not protected, not believed, and not treated for trauma associated with abuse from female sex offenders. Through her detailed analysis of the currently available literature and her own research, Dr. Hislop describes what is known about female sex offenders: identification of abusers, number of abusers and victims, methods of abuse, types of trauma seen among victims, and developmental histories of female sex offenders. She also provides directions for treatment and treatment goals, including exploring the victimization and patterns of offending, the relationship between the offender's victimization and her offending, precursors to offending, and methods to stop offending. Dr. Hislop hopes the book "will assist those who are devoted to the protection of children, and will be used to assist in the identification and treatment of female sex offenders and their victims."

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