The Enduring Human Spirit: Thought-Provoking Stories on Caring for Our Elders
Charles Tindell
Trade Paper, 224 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2003
ISBN: 9781882883516
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9781611580105

The Enduring Human Spirit provides stories that teach us how to keep the spirits of the elderly alive even under the most difficult circumstances.

Charles Tindell writes about the lives of real people. He then asks us to ponder thought-provoking questions about the meaning of these lives (and the meaning of our own lives as we grow older). We have many questions to answer: How do we deal with our parents' aging and our own aging? What keeps a person's spirit alive and growing? What changes can caregivers make to provide better care in the current health care environment? How can the health care environment be improved? How can we use the wisdom and experience of our elderly to make our world and their world better?

The stories in this book provide some of the answers.

The Audience

This book is aimed at two audiences:

The first audience is people who provide care for the elderly. This book provides stories and situations that caregivers face when they are responsible for elder care. Many of the situations can be difficult. Many times the basic humanity of the people being cared for is lost. This book, with its stories and questions for reflection can provide a way to teach better care-giving skills. Several instructors of classes for activity directors have already chosen to add this book to their teaching materials.

The second audience is people in the general public who are interested in developing better solutions for caring for our elderly. The stories and questions will remind them of the tremendous range of physical and mental abilities that must be considered in creating appropriate care for our seniors. The questions provide reminders of the many concerns that must be addressed. As with Tindell's first book, this book has been adopted by the United Ministries reading program for studying the questions of elder care.

The Author

Charles Tindell is an ordained Lutheran minister who has served as chaplain at the Minnesota Masonic Home since 1992. His first book, Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles, and Enduring Human Spirit both won the Mature Media award for books and were adopted for the reading program of United Ministries. As you will see from his stories, he has the gift of listening to people with both his ears and his heart and transferring their essence to the printed page. He is a nationally known speaker on Spirituality and Aging.

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