Your Complete Guide to Total Hip Replacements: Before, During, and After Surgery
Jennifer Frantin
Trade Paper, 192 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 9781882883554
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9781611580167

This is the first complete book for total hip replacement patients since 1999 (and a lot has changed since then). If you or someone you know is thinking about a hip replacement, this book will get you through the process from finding a doctor through rehabilitation. It has 12 checklists to prepare for surgery and keep track of your recovery including:

* comparing doctors and hospitals

* finding the appropriate care after surgery

* checking on insurance

* preparing the home

* marking progress during recovery (because it can be discouraging).

One chapter is devoted to spouses (or other companions) to tell them how they can help care for the person with the hip replacement.

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