Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles, 2nd Edition Second
Charles Tindell
30% discount
Trade Paper, 218 pages
Published by Quick Publishing
Publication date: 1999
ISBN: 1-882349-04-0

Brief stories that

*         capture the love, faith, and caring of the enduring human spirit

*         are insightful, helping us reflect upon our own aging process

*         challenge us to look further into stereotypes and "see beyond the wrinkles."

A book that can be appreciated by those who have an older person in their lives and by the elderly themselves. Some stories will make you laugh; others will bring tears to your eyes.

The men and women Tindell writes about may be wrinkled on the outside but on the inside they are still full of life, love, and wisdom. The author possesses a wonderful knack for revealing the innermost person in a loving and concerned manner.

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