Outwitting your Alcoholic: Keep the Loving and Stop the Drinking, Revised Edition
Kenneth A. Lucas
Trade Paper, 208 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 9781882883608

Outwitting your Alcoholic provides you with information to help you stay with your alcoholic and move him or her into recovery. It's not easy, but it can often be done.

Your alcoholic uses lots of excuses for drinking. This book is full of ways to help you think straight and counter the excuses. So if you ever use the excuse, "I'm doing the best I can." and it's not good enough, this book will help you do better.

The first part of the book features an all-purpose chapter entitled Excuses, Excuses. Included in that chapter are every excuse you are likely to hear from your problem drinker as to why he or she can't seem to stop drinking and enter recovery, along with suggestions on how to neutralize each one. Later chapters go through the issues you should be acquainted with if you're disturbed about the way your loved one drinks. The final section answers many of the frequently asked questions that parents and spouses have regarding alcoholism. For those who are caught in an alcoholic relationship, this book points the way out.

The world of alcoholism is strange, filled with half truths and whole lies. The journey out of that world can be confusing and difficult, but people just like you have made it. In this book, Ken Lucas provides a map of the alcoholic's world. (He lived there once.) He talks about what you can do to get out, and bring the alcoholic you love with you.

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