The GriefWork Companion: Activities for Healing Second
Fran Zamore and Ester A. Leutenberg
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Trade Paper, 150 pages
Published by Whole Person Associates
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 9781570252402

The GriefWork Companion was developed to help adults who are grieving heal from their losses. It contains worksheets, quotations, educational and journaling pages. This is a user-friendly book and self-help resource.

It is also a companion book for mental health professionals' clients to use in conjunction with GriefWork ~ Healing from Loss. Activities can be assigned knowing that the page number will correspond to the same page in the facilitator's book, GriefWork, and that the instructions to the client will be readily understood. Clients will appreciate having therapeutic support at home and having all their materials in one place.

Seven Chapters guide the reader through the grieving process:
* Let's Get Started
* Getting in Touch
* Telling Your Story
* Self-Care
* Relationships
* Special Days
* A New Normal

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