MDS 3.0 Psychosocial Care Planning Almanac
Michele Nolta
Spiral Bound, Reproducible Care Plans
Published by Recreation Therapy Consultants
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 9780979014888

This book, a wonderful second volume to the very popular Care Plan Cookbook, provides you with hundreds of additional treatment care plans. While the book is cross-referenced to the MDS used by nursing homes, it works well in all kinds of settings. Each care plan contains a problem description; concern, need, or strength; goal/objective; and approach/intervention. And it includes care plan "templates" for faster, easier care plan individualization. Social service staff can use the book to select the best care plan for a resident, make a copy, and personalize it using check boxes and individualized entries. Care plans have been developed and organized specifically for the MDS 3.0 and Care Area Assessment (CAA) coordination. Includes extensive exhibits with glossaries and CMS CATs, and CAAs.

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