The Family Caregiver's Journal: A Guide to Facing the Terminal Illness of a Loved One Second
Hank Bruce
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Trade Paper, 260 pages
Published by Petals & Pages Press
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 9780788014345

Family Caregiver's Journal is designed to give comfort to those who choose to dedicate a portion of our lives to the service of a loved one who is facing chronic disability or death. We may do this out of love, compassion, or a sense of duty. Regardless of the reason, when we become a caregiver, we take on one of the most difficult, demanding, exhausting, nerve-racking, and soul wrenching careers possible. A caregiver feels the full range of emotions the soul is capable of experiencing. We feel the pain, right along with the recipient of our love and efforts. However, along with the stress and heartache are benefits difficult to measure. We also make great discoveries about ourselves, and life itself. The caregivers reap great rewards and gain much from the experience. This is a book with words of inspiration, and comments from those who have been caregivers, both family and professional. There will be suggestions and a few lines that will, hopefully, prepare you for the most rewarding job you have ever had.

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