Inclusive Recreation: Programs and Services for Diverse Populations Second
Human Kinetics
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Hardcover, 408 pages
Published by Human Kinetics
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 9780736081771

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of recreation. As the demographics of our communities continue to change and expand, it will be more important than ever for recreation professionals to be prepared to provide access to anyone and everyone who wants to participate. In Inclusive Recreation: Programs and Services for Diverse Populations, you will learn how to provide programs and services not only to individuals with disabilities but also to people of both sexes and all ages, cultures, ethnicities, races, and religions.

Written by 26 leading professors and professionals in the field, Inclusive Recreation provides the knowledge and skills that are needed to ensure that all people will be able to participate in recreation programs. The book features the following:

The latest acknowledged theories in inclusion, as well as information on history, legislation, and cultural competence Strategies for becoming more conscious of diversity and disability and using appropriate language and communication skills A thorough discussion of universal design in both facilities and services to appeal to the broadest possible audience Chapters on specific service areas, including sports, fitness and wellness, outdoor and adventure, arts and culture, aquatics, and tourism

Throughout the book are examples of inclusive practices from a variety of sectors. Spotlight on Inclusive Recreation Programs sidebars highlight best practices from various countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Each spotlight includes a description of the program, a short history, and information on who is served by the program. Inclusive Recreation offers theory and practical applications for implementing inclusive facility access, training, programming, and services for a variety of recreation activities. Readers will consider how recreation, leisure, and tourism activities can become accessible to all the community members they serve.

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