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Expressive Writing: Words that Heal
James W. Pennebaker and John F. Evans
Trade Paper, 208 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2014
ISBN: 9781611580464
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9781611580471

Write about what keeps you awake at night.

Expressive Writing will help you overcome traumas and emotional upheavals, resolve issues, improve health, and build resilience. Based on nearly 30 years of scientific research, the book shows you how and when expressive writing can improve your health, putting into plain words why writing helps, often more than talking. Its clear explanations of the writing process will enable you to look at your most serious issues and deal with them effectively.

Included in the book:

*   The basic four-day, 20-minute writing program

*   A six-week writing program utilizing a different technique each week

*   Additional innovative techniques for expressive writing

*   Instructions on how to analyze what you write

There are also research results, in layman's terms, that demonstrate how and when expressive writing improves health. The book looks at the most serious issues and helps you process them. From the instructions: "Write about what keeps you awake at night. The emotional upheaval bothering you the most and keeping you awake at night is a good place to start writing."

The Authors

James Pennebaker, PhD, is Chair of Psychology at the University of Texas -- Austin and author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, Opening Up, and other books. He is the nationally recognized expert on the connection between writing and better health.

John Evans is an Integrative Health Coach, founder of Wellness & Writing Connections and editor of the book Wellness & Writing Connections which provides research-based information about writing and wellness to professionals and lay people.

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