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Leisure Picasso
Carrie Capes
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1994

A fun and interactive game that involves both competition and cooperation. This game teaches concepts of Leisure Benefits, Barriers, and Activities in an exciting atmosphere. Players form teams and communicate (by drawing) specific benefits, barriers, and activities. Additionally, clients can improve social skills, concentration, and risk-taking, while increasing awareness of leisure values, opportunities and interests. The players/teams are able to draw from 90 cards. Using such categories as "Benefits" (stress reduction, entertainment, adventure, etc.), "Barriers" (low self-esteem, no babysitter, no transportation, etc.), and "Activities" (family vacation, gardening, conversation, etc.) the cards stimulate problem solving and conversation, which the therapist can help, guide to enhance learning and treatment goals.


Contents: 1 Leader's Manual, 1 Special Tri-Color Die, 30 Benefits Cards, 30 Barriers Cards, 30 Activities Cards, Several Blank Cards and a 90 Second Timer.

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