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Path to Self Acceptance
Carrie Capes
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1994

A fun, creative, and therapeutic board game where everyone discovers self-image enhancers and reducers; positive self-talk techniques; influences of past experiences; and much, much more. Players (travelers) proceed along the "path to self-acceptance" in the pursuit of increasing their personal awareness of self-esteem. During their travels they will pass through the "Swamp of Self-Doubt," the "River of Affirmations," the "Pond of Past Experiences," the "Forest of Comparisons," and the "Garden of Self-Acceptance." Travelers have the opportunity to experience feedback and discussion in a safe and trusting setting. Everyone walks away from the game with ten written, positive reminders about self-esteem that are written on "support cards." Additional blank support cards can be ordered in quantities of 100.


Contents: 1 Leader's Manual, 1 Laminated Color 22" x 34" Game Board, 1 Die, 11 Board Markers, 11 Pencils, 25 Swamp of Self-Doubt Cards, 25 Forest of Comparisons Cards, 25 River of Affirmations Cards, 25 Garden of Acceptance Cards, Several Blank Cards, 400 Support Cards, 24 Pass Cards.

Follow this link to order Additional Support Cards.

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