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Leisure Lifestyles
Carrie Capes
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1994

A unique, non-competitive board game intended to increase clients' awareness of their leisure attitudes and values, leisure interest, and barriers to leisure. Players will also take risks, make decisions, set goals, and laugh, laugh, laugh! This game will quickly become a staple in your leisure education program with its 120 cards.


Sample Cards:

"Name 3 barriers for the following activity: Jogging."

"Do your best impression of Fred Flintstone."

"If someone really valued nature, what would their leisure participation be like?"

"Talk about a leisure activity you have always wanted to try"


Contents: 1 Leader's Manual, 1 Laminated Color 22" x 34" Game Board, 1 Die, 30 Anything Goes Cards, 30 Barriers Cards, 30 Attitudes and Values Cards, 30 Interests Cards, 11 Pass Cards, 11 Board Markers, Several Blank Cards.

Increase the effectiveness of your Leisure Lifestyles Game by adding these cards for special populations:

Addictions and Chemical Dependency Cards

Adolescent Cards

Depression and Anxiety Cards

Older Adults Cards

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