Older Adults Cards
Carrie Capes
Supplemental Cards for Leisure Lifestyles
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 1994

These cards provide your older adults groups with discussion topics related to barriers (10 cards), attitudes and values (10 cards) and interests (10 cards). While these cards are usually used as a supplement to the Leisure Lifestyle Game, the cards also come with a set of activity ideas that can be used without the game.



"Are your children or grandchildren sometimes a barrier to your leisure? How?"

"Ask a player to share how his or her spouse has influenced their recreation over the years."

"Do you think our culture values leisure more or less now than it did 25 years ago?"


Contents: 1 Leaders Manual, 10 Barriers Cards, 10 Attitudes and Values Cards, 10 Interest Cards and Several Blank Cards ("Anything Goes" needs no supplement).

You may want to have a Leisure Lifestyle Game to

be able to expand the fun and learning with these cards.

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