Soul Snatchers: A Quest for True Human Beings
Robert W. Morgan
Trade Paper, 310 pages
Published by Pine Winds Press
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 9780937663141
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9780937663523

From 1972 to 1990 Robert W. Morgan journeyed across America and to Russia to meet with Native Americans, a Tibetan lama, Bigfoot researchers, and legends of the Old West. In this book he reports on the relationship between Native American legends, Tibetan beliefs, the modern phenomenon of Bigfoot and UFO sightings, and why the legends are important in understanding modern American culture

His contacts included:

-- Nino Cochise, the last Apache chief born free and the subject of The First Hundred Years of Nino Cochise: The Untold Story of an Apache Indian Chief
-- Ingram Billie, a hillis hiya (shaman) on the Big Cypress reservation in Florida and the brother of Josie Billie, who gave Western medicine digitalis
-- John Cornplanter, an elder of the Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico and guardian of the Gashpeta cave where a mythical stealer of children was said to still be active after being burned and sealed in the cave for hundreds of years
-- Victor Osceola and Robert Tiger of the Miccosukees in the Florida Everglades where the Chobees (Skunk Apes) roam
-- The Tombstone, AZ, gang (in 1973): Sid Wilson, the world's oldest cowboy; Hobie Earp, second cousin to Wyatt Earp, Everett Brownsey, the last elected marshal of Tombstone, and John R. Clarke, the last surviving member of the Arizona Rangers
-- T'ziang Rinpoche, a Tibetan lama, including their conversation in Moscow's Gorky Park

Who among us have not wondered what we human beings are, why we exist, where we come from, and, more importantly, what our true destinies might be? Throughout the ages, humankind has defined itself as a unique species for which some omnipotent Creator has devised a grand plan that promises an afterlife to be spent in an eternal heaven, hell, or (perhaps for the unready) a purgatory where souls await their final judgment.

Frankly, to accept these concepts requires a huge dose of faith, as defined as accepting something without tangible proof.

Strangely enough, I began my search for an answer to a separate mystery that I assumed was far removed from this greater conundrum. Nevertheless, liking it or not I found myself drawn along a special Tao, a Path to a margin of Enlightenment. Along the way, that path provided me the most logical of all explanations to the questions why humans exist, where they are going, and how they must get there. Better yet, it all proved so logical that blind faith is not required

Soul Snatchers is the chronicle of that journey. I might ask that you reserve judgment, open your mind, and let the thoughts of naked logic flow.

When all is said and done, you could find yourself thinking as a true seeker of truth.

-- Robert W. Morgan


Since he saw his first Sasquatch in 1957 in Mason County Washington, Robert W. Morgan has traveled the world seeking more information about the beings he calls Forest Giants.

His search has led him to Native Americans and their legends, a Tibetan lama, and expeditions to the forests of Washington State, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. He has had encounters with these beings, which he believes are True Human Beings.

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