Visits from the Forest People: An Eyewitness Report of Extended Encounters with Bigfoot
Julie Scott
Trade Paper, 150 pages
Published by Pine Winds Press
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 9780937663196
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9780937663226

Julie Scott and the rest of the Scott family report on their experiences in Western Washington while sharing the forest surrounding their home with a group of Bigfoot, which Scott calls Forest People. The reports include several sightings and other evidence, interactions between the Scott family and the Forest People, and, amusingly, Bigfoot's uncanny ability to avoid being photographed despite the extensive efforts of a team of Bigfoot researchers.

Julie includes her thoughts about the origins of Bigfoot, explanations for some of the difficulties in collecting evidence of Bigfoot, thoughts about the current state of Bigfoot research, and suggestions for establishing more effective communication between Bigfoot and humans.

About the Author:

Julie is a member of Oregon Bigfoot and the United Bigfoot Research Group. She is a co-host on a weekly Blogtalk Radio show discussing Bigfoot, the paranormal, and cryptozoology, and has been a guest on several other shows as well. Julie volunteers her time as a contact person for local law enforcement, fish and game, and forest service departments by providing education about Bigfoot sightings in her area.


As someone who has been researching the mystery of Bigfoot, both in the field and in books and internet sources for over 20 years, I found this book to be a very worthwhile source of information on the Bigfoot phenomenon, as well as being very well written and easy to digest.

After moving into a new home in a part of the country new to them, the four adults in this family were exposed to close contact by the local Bigfoot for approximately six months. Unlike most of the people in a similar situation that I have worked with, talked to, and read about, this family's unique background and outlook on life enabled them to engage in a wide variety of positive activities aimed at becoming better acquainted with their unusual, shadowy visitors, who managed in typical Bigfoot fashion to remain amazingly difficult to see or photograph.

The mother, father, and two adult daughters recount their personal experiences and their process of beginning to understand and appreciate the Bigfoot. In my judgment, they made amazing progress in these efforts during a relatively short time, due to their internet research skills and their ability to find and coordinate with experienced Bigfoot investigators.

I appreciated their willingness to report on the full range of their experiences, and to include in a very level-headed some of the suspected abilities of Bigfoot, which some people tend to label "paranormal," but which I have found to be reported by several Bigfoot experiencers for whom I have great respect.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning about Bigfoot, and especially for anyone who is having, or suspects they may be having, their own visits from the forest people.

Bob Daigle

Michigan Bigfoot Information Center

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