Introduction to Karate-Do
Michael Mantz and Tom Muzila
Trade Paper, 160 pages
Published by Pine Winds Press
Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 9780937663301

The book is focused toward beginning students of Shotokan--Ohshima Karate. It covers basic history, how to acquire the proper attitude toward practice, and karate's foundational structure. Proper forms of the hand, striking, kicking, and blocking are addressed. Forms (katas) and sparring or fighting (kumite) are explained at a level appropriate for the beginning student.

All the information educates students on important facets related to a strong understanding of karate fundamentals and the deeper elements of karate's true nature. It includes not only the practice and training of karate, but also principles that can be directly applied to achieve a more successful life.


Michael Mantz is an adjunct professor in Kinesiology at Del Mar College and Texas A&M University -- Corpus Christi, teaching college credit courses in karate. He is a fourth degree (yodan) black belt in Tsutomu Ohshima's Shotokan Karate of America, training in traditional karate for over 35 years.

Tom Muzila has over 45 years of practicing and teaching martial arts and fitness conditioning. He is a fifth degree (godan) black belt in Tsutomu Ohshima's Shotokan Karate of America. Tom has established several world marks and long endurance karate records. Tom has also authored Mental Karate: A Warrior's Guide.

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