Bigfoot in New Jersey: The Garden (State) Variety Sasquatch
William R. Matts
Trade Paper, 128 pages
Published by Pine Winds Press
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 9780937663318
Available as an e-book on Smashwords
e-ISBN 9780937663332

Since the 1894 report that a "Wildman" with a club was seen traveling through Morris County, strange creatures resembling Bigfoot have been reported in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens, 1.1 million acres covering parts of seven different counties and 22% of the entire state, has been a rich source for glimpses of the legend. Many other parts of the state have been visited by Bigfoot as well. In this book WR Matts documents 68 of these recorded sightings from all across the Garden State.

In addition, he provides three comprehensive reports about his own research in High Point State Park and Wharton State Forest. Matts explains his personal methodology, the success of which led him to encounter one eight-foot creature at the Godfrey Bridge Campground in the Pine Barrens.

Other chapters of the book discuss how studies of Bigfoot are evolving with the realization that these intelligent creatures can avoid current research methods such as camera traps and call blasting. Recent reports of long-term habituation experiences seem to point in the direction of using Bigfoot's natural curiosity as a more effective way to make contact.

About the Author

Even as a young boy, WR Matts was enamored with the outdoors. His family spent summer weekends and several weeks each year camping on the East Coast. Many more days were spent fishing and hunting with his father, from whom he learned his outdoor skills. These experiences developed his interest in being in the woods to watch, listen, and learn.

For the past 38 years Matts has absorbed lessons from forest wildlife as pertaining to his research about Sasquatch. He is feverishly, actively, and continually studying the Bigfoot phenomenon.

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