How to Cook a Bigfoot
Ray Crowe and Kate Benton
Trade Paper, 272 pages
Published by Pine Winds Press
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: 9780937663493

Who doesn't have a hankerin' for a little Bigfoot on a Spit or some Braised Skookum Paws?

Join Ray Crowe, one of the top 100 Bigfoot researchers in the world, as he pokes a little fun at hunters who think they can capture a Bigfoot. The cartoon saga of the Special Hunt Investigation Team on a trek to bag a Bigfoot of their own is truer than many Bigfoot "researchers" are willing to admit. The elusive hide-and-seek champion of the world never fails to give them the slip.

This is also a fun cookbook full of Bigfoot lore about 17 versions of Bigfoot from all over world (plus dozens of local names and variations). You'll read about:

1. Bountiful Bigfoot
2. Scrumptious Skookum
3. Savory Skunk Ape
4. Sumptuous Sasquatch
5. Tasty Kushtaka
6. Wonderful Windigo
7. Yes, It's Yeren
8. Glorious Gigantopithecus
9. Yummy Yeti
10. Outrageous Orang Pendek
11. Amazing Alma
12. Crunchy Chuchunaa
13. Wowie Yowie
14. Marvelous Mapinguary
15. We Love Woduwasa Whatever Its Real Name Is
16. Aromatic Agowa
17. Baking Bumble

Every location comes complete with scrumptious recipes from around the world -- 60 in all. And each recipe matches the local cuisine of the region being described. (Substitutions for Bigfoot meat are offered, of course, because Bigfoot meat just isn't available.)

Also features artwork from past issues of the world-renowned publication, The Track Record.

Ray Crowe is the founder of the Western Bigfoot Society and editor of the newsletter, The Track Record. Mr. Crowe is the type of man that would invite anyone and everyone to share his passion about Bigfoot. His name is mentioned as the man who introduced many prominent researchers to Bigfooting. Before social media like Facebook groups and blogs, even before you could Google "Bigfoot," Ray Crowe's Newsletter, The Track Record, was social media the community of Bigfooters used to share information. He is listed as one of the top 100 Bigfoot researchers in the world. Since the early 1970s, Ray has been called upon as an expert by network news, television shows, organizations, and newspapers from all over the globe. He has been a featured speaker, guest lecturer, and authored innumerable articles on Bigfoot lore and legends. He's even been on camera with Stephen Colbert.


How to Cook a Bigfoot is filled with recipes that you will enjoy making. From Bigfoot Ribs to Bigfoot Steak Kabobs, the recipes are detailed in their offerings. How anyone can look for Bigfoot on an empty stomach is beyond me. -- Daniel Perez from Bigfoot Times

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