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Quality Assurance for Activity Programs, Second Edition
Today, more than ever, you are required to use a quality assurance program as a key part of your job. But how do you make one work for you? This ... (read more)
A Survival Guide for Activity Professionals, Second Edition
There is more to being an activity professional than running groups. This book looks at the other issues that are important parts of your job such as time management, decision ... (read more)
Humour for Healing Guide Second
Diane Bowtell
Humor is an act of creativity, a new way of thinking about things that adds to our quality of life. This guide provides clinicians and clients with a positive, healthy ... (read more)
Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, 2nd Edition Second
Bruce Becker and Andrew Cole
This multidisciplinary reference reviews the biologic, medical, and rehabilitative research that underlies aquatic therapy and applies these scientific findings to current evaluation and treatment techniques for a broad range of ... (read more)
Perspectives in Recreational Therapy: Issues of a Dynamic Profession
Recreational therapy is a profession of practice -- and our practice includes more than the hands-on application of knowledge and skills. It is unrealistic to assume that we can help ... (read more)
Finding the Path: Ethics in Action Second
The purpose of Finding The Path: Ethics In Action is to promote the highest level of professional conduct and practice. To this end, this guidebook intends to:   ... (read more)
Situational Mediation: Sensible Conflict Resolution
Resolving Conflicts in Divorce, Family, Workplace, Contracts   Situational Mediation: Sensible Conflict Resolution teaches you the best ways to resolve personal and business conflicts. By reading this book ... (read more)
Aquatic Therapy: Interventions and Applications
Luis G. Vargas
Internationally acclaimed therapist and instructor, Luis Vargas, describes his treatment methodology, the Diagnostic Aquatics Systems Integration (DASI), from assessment through treatment. The first section describes the procedures he ... (read more)
Water Exercises for Fibromyalgia: The Gentle Way to Relax and Reduce Pain
Ann Rosenstein
Fibromyalgia is a painful and frustrating condition, but there are treatments that can help lessen the pain. Water exercise is one of the best. The gentle exercises relax the muscles, ... (read more)
The Safe Approach: Controlling Risk for Workers in the Helping Professions
Violence against those who provide in-home care continues to be a risk for therapists, nurses, and social workers who visit their clients in the client's home. Ennis and Douglas use ... (read more)

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