Jay Parker

Sex and Love Addiction:
My Journey from Shame to Grace

Every day it seems we hear about another teacher, coach, politician, or religious leader who has been charged with inappropriate sexual activities. It can be difficult to understand why someone who seems to have everything risks losing it all because of uncontrollable sexual indiscretions.

Jay Parker was a man who seemed to live the American dream. His Texas High School Basketball Scouting Report was a six-figure business; he had sports endorsements, a radio talk show, a wife, and two beautiful children. That life was destroyed on January 10, 1991, when a front-page headline in the Houston Chronicle revealed his secret, "Talent Scout Parker Faces Morals Charge." His dream was over and the nightmare had begun.

This book is Jay Parker's story, exposing in detail the irresistible power of sex and love addiction which consumed his life. After fourteen years of fighting his addiction, Parker has his life back, and is making meaningful contributions to society by helping other sex and love addicts recover.

This book is a must read for the millions of men and women who are caught up in addictions to sex and love, whether on line or in real life. It will have special meaning for anyone who is in a relationship with a sex and love addict and anyone else who wants to understand the consequences of our culture’s preoccupation with sex.

Parker proposes some real-life actions that sex and love addicts can take to get their lives back under control and offers suggestions about how our society can be more successful in dealing with sex offenders.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Book launch in Houston (where the story began).
  • Continued radio and television presence on shows dealing with internet addiction and sex and love addiction.
  • Speaking at regional and national conferences.
  • Mailings to professionals in the recovery community.
Jay Parker Jay Parker is a licensed addictions counselor and one of the first specializing in Internet addiction and related sex and love addiction issues. He has appeared on national television ranging from The Leeza Gibbons Show to PBS. Discussions of his work on Internet addictions have appeared in US News and World Report and other national and regional publications. He is also a nationally approved speaker for the NCAA.

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