Recreational Therapist  Recreational therapy is a clinical specialty which uses leisure activities as the modality to restore, remediate or rehabilitate the patient's functional ability and level of independence and/or to reduce or eliminate the effects of illness and disability. Idyll Arbor was created in 1985 to provide resources for recreational therapists. While we have expanded our scope since 1985, much of what we offer is still based on healing through avocational activities. Our most important resources for recreational therapists are the books: Assessment Tools for Recreation and the Leisure Competence Measure and the testing tools: CERT-Psych, Leisurescope Plus, and Teen Leisurescope Plus. Our next RT book, by Heather Porter and joan burlingame, will be a comprehensive explanation of how to apply the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health to recreational therapy practice. If you want the latest information about this book please e-mail us with your contact information.

Activity Professional   Activity professionals provide meaningful and healthful activity for individuals, many of whom reside in nursing homes or adult day homes. They do more than that, though, so the resources in this section are not limited to these locations. Our three most popular books are Long Term Care, Quality Assurance, Care Planning Cookbook, and the newly revised Documentation in a SNAP. For assessments, activity professionals should look at the MARRCC and the Leisure Assessment Inventory.

Chemical Dependency and Addiction Counselor   Whether you specialize in working with individuals who have addiction issues as a primary concern, or you have another specialty and you find that addiction issues affect your clients, this section will help you find resources you can use.

Our most important book is Video Games & Your Kids: How Parents Stay in Control by Hilarie Cash and Kim McDaniel. The authors provide a well-documented look at how video games affect children from infancy to adult children still living at home. Guidelines for parents are provided to help them make decisions about solving possible problems.

Jay Parker's Sex and Love Addiction describes his journey out of the shame of being an exhibitionist  to his ability to help others fighting this addiction. The book provides tremendous insight into the way sex addicts think and strategies that can be used to help a sex and love addict get into a sustainable recovery.

Allied Therapist  We intended this section to include resources (lots of resources!) for professionals such as aquatic therapists, occupational therapists, mental health counselors, art therapists, movement and dance therapists, horticultural therapists ...  you get the idea. Be sure to see Dr. Luis Vargas' book, Aquatic Therapy and Ann Nathan's book, Therapy Techniques Using the Creative Arts.

Consultant  Idyll Arbor carries a variety of resources for health care consultants. This section contains many of our resources to help you as you consult.

Instructors and Students

Instructor  Whether you need textbooks or resources to enhance your teaching, click here to review the resources we can offer. Our top-selling textbooks are Recreational Therapy Handbook of PracticeAssessment Tools for Recreation, Long Term Care, Quality Assurance, and Therapy Techniques Using the Creative Arts

Student  Students hold a special place in our hearts at Idyll Arbor. The resources here emphasize training and self-help. Students may also be interested in our bargains section. Information on textbook changes is available here.

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