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Thank you for your interest in having a manuscript published by Idyll Arbor, Inc. We pride ourselves in being able to produce books that can be used. Our editorial staff have lots of experience working with first time authors, as well as "seasoned veterans" of the printed page. This page will help you know more about Idyll Arbor, Inc. and know how to submit a manuscript to us.

Idyll Arbor, Inc. was formed in 1984 by joan burlingame, CTRS, to fill a need. She felt that recreational therapists and activity directors needed to have practical, down to earth information they could use in their daily practice. Today Idyll Arbor, Inc. has the same mission, to provide therapists and activity directors throughout the world with useful publications, assessments, and other resources.

What Types of Material Are We Looking For?

Our books provide practical information on the current state and art of health care practice. We currently emphasize books for recreational therapists, for activity directors working with the elderly, and for social services professionals. The books must be useful for the health practitioner who meets face to face with patients or for instructors of undergraduate and graduate level classes.

Another line of books is aimed at health care consumers. These books are intended to provide information about a single health topic (e.g., sickle cell anemia). The level of information should include enough information for a patient to be on an equal footing with a primary care physician. If you are interested in this line of books, more information is available on the Personal Health information page.

What Type of Authors Are We Looking For?

We usually look for manuscripts from authors with recent clinical experience. Good grounding in theory is required, but practical experience is also important. We are especially looking for therapists with a solid clinical background to write on their area of expertise.

Submission Policy

While Idyll Arbor, Inc. will accept queries or completed manuscripts, we prefer to review a sample of the work before it is completed. When submitting please provide us with:

a letter introducing the author(s) to us, including credentials and clinical experience
a short description of the book with answers to the "Questions That The Author Should Ask" below.
an outline of the book and a sample chapter.

Please send us this material on paper or as an attachment to an email.

Questions That The Author Should Ask Before Submitting the Manuscript.

Who is your book for and what problem(s) is it intended to solve?
What is your book’s competition? How many other books with similar material have been published in the last five years? What books are still in print?
What information does your book offer that no one else offers? How is it different?
Why is this the right time to publish this specific book?
Is this book organized in a way that is useful for practitioners and/or students?

Review Process

When Idyll Arbor, Inc. receives a manuscript, it is reviewed three ways:

for content
for grammar and punctuation
for market feasibility (we analyze potential sales and review similar products on the market)

The results of this review are presented to the Idyll Arbor, Inc. professional staff for a final decision. This process usually takes six to ten weeks.

Style Sheet

Software Compatibility:

We prefer Microsoft Word for Windows. If your material includes tables, graphs, or charts, please check with us.

If you do not have tables, graphs, charts we can use other formats, but please check with us for compatibility.


If you are referring to an individual who’s sex is not known use "s/he", "him/her", "his/hers", "himself/herself", etc.
When referring to an individual with a disability or illness, always mention the individual first and the disability or illness second.

Yes : woman with a burn
No : burned woman


Times New Roman — 12 point
Ragged right
Use only a single space after each period.
Indent the beginning sentence of paragraphs or format an extra line to start paragraphs. Do not use two carriage returns between paragraphs.
Use a single tab to make columns.
When you want to insert a note to the editor in your text, type in the comment in bold and italics.

Authors strive to have Idyll Arbor, Inc. publish their books because

Idyll Arbor, Inc. respects its authors.

The Idyll Arbor, Inc. editorial staff are professionals, both in the field of health care and in the field of editing and publishing. They understand that your work is both a professionally prepared manuscript and a piece of art.

The editorial staff have all authored books themselves; they know what it is like to work with an editor.

Idyll Arbor, Inc. pays royalties on the total amount of funds received for the purchase of your book. Some publishing companies deduct expenses prior to paying author’s royalties.

Idyll Arbor, Inc. is recognized as a publisher who publishes quality books. Professionals like to buy from us because they know we provide books that they can use.

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