Activity professionals and recreational therapists have been using our books since 1990. We also have books for the general public that we call personal health. They will help you improve your health in your personal life. Scroll through the list of all of our books by clicking here. Or use the navigation bars in the left column to look at books for a particular discipline.


Idyll Arbor started out by specializing in assessment tools, and we continue to be one of the leaders in providing testing tools for therapists. Whether you are looking for testing tools themselves — or reference material on testing — Idyll Arbor has it! You can look at all of our assessments by clicking here. The navigation bars in the left column will let you look at assessment tools for a particular discipline.


As therapists we work on functional skills. While cognition is one aspect of function, it is only one aspect. So why is it that we use so much paper, pencil and talk when we work with our patients? If you want to get your clients moving around as part of therapy, consider the games listed here. For discipline-specific games, use the navigation bars in the left column.


Sometimes we have damaged book that we can't sell as new books. We occasionally stop carrying books and have a few left over. This is the place to find books at bargain prices. Sorry, there are no returns on these books.

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